Bleach The Wood In Advance


Troubling with the color of the paint in the wood? Or you stuck with the step of cleaning that in advance? Do not need to be worried. I will show you how to basic. In other words, i will demonstrate the way to walk through the difficulty of wood bleaching. Notice that you have only one job to do first, that is your wood log must be in good condition. Keep in mind that if that is damaged or broken or even a crack, you have to deal with them first. No we shall start.

Shields Down

Real quick question, do you want to paint the wood with the cortex? I can make sure one hundred percent of you would say that idea is crazy. I personally think that could be possible, why you need to make the work be so complicated like that. The fact that wood is too easy to get the tan of it down is well-known. However, to do it in advance, in an easy way is hard. You can not just use a wood chisels to break the shield of it down. In term of good looking, that way can do harm to the wood. In my opinion, just use your hand with a glove to tear down all the stuff that stick in the wood log. Then you can use some kind of hand saw to slowly take all the layer down in peach.


It is always a step need to be done at this point. Never in your life you will get out of this process. Cleaning your house is essential. Cleaning your bed is necessary. Similarly, you got one job to do, and it is not do or do not. If you do not clean the wood, it will extremely struggle to deal with. Woodworking requires a smooth surface, a clean material to ease the tools and bring back the flawless result. I will show you how to do it. Real simple. Take a tower and slowly, carefully wipe out all the dust and stuff that do not belong to the wood log. Remember, that tower should be dry, or just a little of humid. Then, check all the part of it, pay attention to some weakness point of the log and consider to remove them by something like chainsaw. One thing is forbidden, no water here.


As a result, you want your piece of wood at the final has a beautiful color? You must be joking if you do not want to paint it. Not only it will shining in front of the crowd, but also the paint will cover and protect it from the outside harm. Besides, not so hard to do this step when you do it correctly, i mean correct here is follow all the tutorial i have mentioned above. Firstly, choose a color that you would love to apply on the material. Meanwhile, test the color by one small piece of the same material to test which one is match with your tone of color choosing. Make sure that you apply the two to three layer of paint to get the best quality.


Sometimes, solid is not good enough. Free your mind and be creative. Thus, you can apply all kind of decoration with the best wood chisels or just by another contrast paint color. By the way, sticker is an option that not bad at all, but it need the consideration in some cases. Hence, the things you want to apply on it must suit to the wood grain in general. If they are not suit to the grain of wood, your product will be hideous and ridiculous.


This is the end of this tutorial with wood in advance. You guys have to notice on the quality of the paint color. And also the quality of wood, is it had any certification? Besides, consider the grain and the structure is very important and it is the must do step. Not only it will help you to get the higher price on your product, but also the potential of the wood log will be reveal. So keep cool, stay tune for more tutorial and please let me know your opinions down in the comment.


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