Common Problems in Woodworking Process


It is no surprise in the first time you work as a carver or a carpentry that you encounter the problem in the first place you have done. Not thing is impossible unless you think it is impossible. Just thinking about a lovely day, you went to your workplace and see all the wood logs are being damaged by water. What would you do? So today i will go through some of the most common problems you have to encounter in your woodworking process in term of helping you get the best solution for each. And do not forget to check out the woodworking books for beginners to actually increase your skills and your abilities to deal with the mess you will meet in your working day.

Wet Wood

Here is the deal. If you do not get your wood log dry in the right way, you can throw that into the trash bin immediately. The wet wood is the worst nightmare to every wood worker in the world. Not only it low the quality of the final product, but it also make the woodworking chisels and the circular saw harder to cut in the right direction of the logs. Be sure to protect all your wood resources Thus, the local training base of your must be protected by a secure roof and sustainable wall in order to keep the humidity in the lowest volume. In other words, take the awareness of the dryness of your place to take care of all the material being usable every time you need. Overall, be sure to check out the store place every day and scan through most of the logs.


On the other hand, the fire is one issue need to be considerable. The humidity can damage the wood, but remember that the drier the wood, the easier the fire. Not anyone can control the fire in the first place of them, so follow some basic rule to deal with this problem. First, always keep your work place in a position of no flame source. Second, take the advantages of water every time the fire up. Keep in mind that bad things can always represent in a form you can not predict. Water is your ally, but your phone should also be in touch in the case of danger. 911 will tremendously needed when the worst coming around. Besides, protect your tools in a good condition without oil to keep a distant from the fire in the future. You are supposed to work with wood, not to destroy it brutally in a fire disaster.

The Crack

What would you suppose to do if you accidentally create some crack on the log wood while working hard on it? This can be the most common problem and i assume that it is also the most fluctuate problem, the nightmare you do not want to meet ever in your woodworking life. However, unfortunately that it just can not be avoid because of your lack of experiments. The fact that if you meet this problem a lot of times, you will know how to deal with it and keep a distant with this. By the way, the only way to fix this for many of you may to kill that and start a new one with the brand new wood material. That not the efficiency way to deal with a problem of your skill. Your weakness skills to recognize the main issue and the pressure that may to hard to the wood is the key for this to be happened. You need to cut the crack one piece and deal with the rest of the wood in the cautious way. That how you suppose to be done in this situation to gain the experience.


Overall, your skills and your tools play an important role in the way you work. Keep all of them fresh and up to date, and enhance them eventually day by day. This can be a noticeably hard for you guys, the fresh man in woodworking field. However, the more you practice, the more mistake you can make. And all of them are precious muscle memories following you in the end of your life time. Be appreciate them, and learn form them. Do not fel awkward or anxious, be confidence and the good thing will always come to you in the magical woodworking process.


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