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Troubling with the color of the paint in the wood? Or you stuck with the step of cleaning that in advance? Do not need to be worried. I will show you how to basic. In other words, i will demonstrate the way to walk through the difficulty of wood bleaching. Notice that you have only one job to do first, that is your wood log must be in good condition. Keep in mind that if that is damaged or broken or even a crack, you have to deal with them first. No we shall start.

Shields Down

Real quick question, do you want to paint the wood with the cortex? I can make sure one hundred percent of you would say that idea is crazy. I personally think that could be possible, why you need to make the work be so complicated like that. The fact that wood is too easy to get the tan of it down is well-known. However, to do it in advance, in an easy way is hard. You can not just use a wood chisels to break the shield of it down. In term of good looking, that way can do harm to the wood. In my opinion, just use your hand with a glove to tear down all the stuff that stick in the wood log. Then you can use some kind of hand saw to slowly take all the layer down in peach.


It is always a step need to be done at this point. Never in your life you will get out of this process. Cleaning your house is essential. Cleaning your bed is necessary. Similarly, you got one job to do, and it is not do or do not. If you do not clean the wood, it will extremely struggle to deal with. Woodworking requires a smooth surface, a clean material to ease the tools and bring back the flawless result. I will show you how to do it. Real simple. Take a tower and slowly, carefully wipe out all the dust and stuff that do not belong to the wood log. Remember, that tower should be dry, or just a little of humid. Then, check all the part of it, pay attention to some weakness point of the log and consider to remove them by something like chainsaw. One thing is forbidden, no water here.


As a result, you want your piece of wood at the final has a beautiful color? You must be joking if you do not want to paint it. Not only it will shining in front of the crowd, but also the paint will cover and protect it from the outside harm. Besides, not so hard to do this step when you do it correctly, i mean correct here is follow all the tutorial i have mentioned above. Firstly, choose a color that you would love to apply on the material. Meanwhile, test the color by one small piece of the same material to test which one is match with your tone of color choosing. Make sure that you apply the two to three layer of paint to get the best quality.


Sometimes, solid is not good enough. Free your mind and be creative. Thus, you can apply all kind of decoration with the best wood chisels or just by another contrast paint color. By the way, sticker is an option that not bad at all, but it need the consideration in some cases. Hence, the things you want to apply on it must suit to the wood grain in general. If they are not suit to the grain of wood, your product will be hideous and ridiculous.


This is the end of this tutorial with wood in advance. You guys have to notice on the quality of the paint color. And also the quality of wood, is it had any certification? Besides, consider the grain and the structure is very important and it is the must do step. Not only it will help you to get the higher price on your product, but also the potential of the wood log will be reveal. So keep cool, stay tune for more tutorial and please let me know your opinions down in the comment.


The world now has millions of wood worker as a part of this billion industry. Meanwhile, there are so many cases of burning, damaging and even poisoning the soil, the water and land just for one purpose. The resources of wood, the precious stuff to all you guys, who really get engage in the woodworking field. Money is all for those people who just tend to trade all the goods into there budget. However, there a material that is significant good with the lower price and the ability to be soft in the right time. So today i will cover the Bamboo resources in term of woodworking to see if it really worth for us to chose.

The Price

Always taking care for the price tag. To be honest, i think the price is what many fresh man encounter as soon as they start to make an idea come true. Of course, if you can afford the cost of a log of Tali, you will be good to go. In contrast, in certain extent, there are several of problem that will make your brain explode. Let me explain. The first thing is you have to own the best tools for the expensive feature of wood you have just bought. They may be a Japanese wood chisels, the utility knife or just some hack saw in term of high-end in the quality. All this stuff will definitely taken from you a bunch of money. On the other hand, bamboo is cheaper, and it is always be like that. Moreover, bamboo is easy to carry, so the shipping price will not break the bank of you.

The Unity

For most of you guys, the unity of bamboo just more than amazing. It is weak when you use one, but no one of you stupid enough to do that, don’t you? Of course not, and the majority benefits of the group of bamboo is that they are interchangeable which means you can have both flexibility and the hardness. Is that wonderful? Besides, the effects of this material is more than supreme to another kind of wood material. Imagine that you have a house made in a material that can not be defeated by the strong wind, storm or even the bullshit acid rain.

The Trend

One thing is ensure that you will love this material is that it is now trending all over the world, especially in Asia. The best design of the house 3 years around is made from bamboo in the majority. Not only it is strong and flex, but also the complex in the cells of bamboo make it comfortable than ever. You will feel the air in the circle of balance in the house of bamboo, you can also take a nap of water by bamboo cup. Not thing is perfect, but this term is in the doubt by the usefulness of the bamboo.

Easy to Find

There is no material in the world can be this easily in finding. Honestly, the bamboo is everywhere. It is the symbol of powerful in the plant world. Thus, it grow as a brush of tree, so you can find even a forest of bamboo in many places in the world. I suggest that Japan and Vietnam also a good place to find out the best bamboo trees in the world.

Bamboo Made Simple

Finally, the bamboo is easy to deal with. Cut, no problem. Drill it to make a bunch of hole? Easy to solve. Sculpt? Are you kidding me, it is just more than good to go. Bamboo kills the weakness in your skills, tolerate your bad attitude by the flexibility, and be patient in term of storage treatment. You can store it for months, weeks, or even years without the fear of broken wood. They can even grow up themselves in the suitable conditions. Not thing to be serious when working with bamboo. You will find it relax and joyful, trust me.


I have covered all the advantages of working with bamboo. I believe, in certain extent, that bamboo is the best alternative for the rareness of the wood materials nowadays. Take it and experience for yourself, and you will good as you always.


Better be in the past, that what many of the master in this field wish to become the truth. The fact that there are much think cooler in the previous decades that the fresh man always look back and learn from them. And if you are the man who usually go to the museum, you can see so many masterpieces are presented. This bring us to the question, what if we can go through the time, i mean time travel, and experience by ourselves what is the truly art? So today, i will represent to you guys the old time style of woodworking among the last century. Just remember that, the only different is the tools they use is not that modern compared to what we use nowadays. From that point, we will find out how creative our ancient could be.

The Craftsman Ship

Craftsman ship, craftsman ship and craftsman ship (!?) That all people around the world ask for our good should be created by. Surprisingly, the industrial revolution is what these people called for, but now seem like they want to deny the supplies that brings to them. Thus, it is kind of funny, or it is the sense of humor of mankind to participate in the evolution than want to come back the old time. In the 19th century, all of the wood is most made by hand. In other words, they are handmade in that period of time that is undeniable. We got the worker to finish all the parts of the furniture, the house and even the toothpick. It is seemed to be viral all the work force that we need a revolution of industry to speed up the time of the total process. However, we really intend to consume the handmade products that made by hand from all the part of the process of making to the decoration. This is quite confuse to the producer but reasonable to the consumer. Handmade can not be replaced in the world of woodworking despite of the time changing.

The Guideline Books

It is necessary to get for yourself the best woodworking books for beginners. It is the powerful tools for all of you to engage with woodworking without failure at the first step. Whereas, the master is one of the most important person to the fresh man in the old time. They are the master in this field, and they have limitation of patience that you would like to pay attention to. This mechanism still last until these modern day, but their role and position of them is not the biggest in the society of woodworking. The tools and the books of guideline have taken that throne in our century. With just your bare hand, a book of teaching the skill, and some cheap material you can find for the prototype of your, you can easily produce a product that you would be proud, that you can take that as the first step of your career. Book, is is tremendously useful and perfectly helpful to both the newbie and oldie.


So funny that all the machine made products in the first timwith perfectly cut is the trend of this time. In contrast, just need a few more time that they realize the round shape is better and rarer than the blocked shape of lines and sharp corners. It is weird to confess that all we love turned out to be there for a long time and we just install the revolution for the thing we do not like at all. In addition, there are millions of handmade stores, handmade factories all around the world with the trending part on top of this industry.


For the end of this, i really want you to know that all the sudden changes are not good at all. Every change need time to take place in a high position in our society, including woodworking tech. The old school method and mechanics are two elements you also need to be considered in term of quality and the price of the products. There no free lunch, so keep practicing and ready for the next evolution of the woodworking style.


You guys who really intend to participate in the woodworking always looking for something out of your hand. All you need to focus turned out very simple. They are skills and woodworking tools. Just 2 elements but can handle almost every path of your day of work. Moreover, the skills need to be enhanced by the test of time, but the tools you can always get it in the right spot of time. So today i will go through some best and have to own to start into the work process of wood. Let’s go.

Woodworking Chisels

Of course, you will be the foulest man in the world if you do not have a woodworking chisels, you will probably have done nothing in term of quality with wood. Lay down just a bit, and you will see several of use of the woodworking chisels that has the certificate with an affordable price. Craftsman has to be different from a factory made products. The different in term of the details, hard working and hours of the creative ideas would send you apart to the hall of proud than a machine made with poor and softness in the build of wood supplies. Thus, the woodworking chisels require a skillful hand of master to deal with the build of the original attributes of the wood log you are encountering.

Circular Saw

It is the tools that must have not only in woodworking, but also the efficiency tools in term of life time saving. It is fast, cheap and easy to be found in almost every tools store for the mechanical work or even some convenient store in some particular country. For some of the fresh man in this field, the circular saw is powerful in cutting and shaping the hard objects. Moreover, the price of it is ridiculous compared to the uses in term of comfortable experiences. You can easily hold it in your hand, turn it on and let the grateful machine do the work. Of course, be sure that you always in the safe place in using it because it can cause injuries to you if you lose your awareness while using.

Circular Saw

Power Drill

The drill is kind of pointy head tools with favorite version of drill bit. You can change the bit to decide which size hole you want to apply in your masterpiece. It can go deep to the depth of the wood log without break and the feeling of barrier ahead. No pressure tools can bring you the satisfy feeling as this power drill. And once again, guess what, it is hold able that mean no need to stand still while using it. You can sit, you can even lie down in some case of under wood log hole that you do not want to change the position of the log of wood. It is strongly build for the best experiment of the user so feel free to use it inside your lovely house with less of noise. For the last, it can be dangerous in the hand of the kid and the newbies so be sure you store and use it carefully.


For sure, many of the tools out there is in the nutshell of safe certificate. In the same case, you will wish to apply it into you. The safety is the friend that follow you on the road of woodworking and even your whole life. If there is something need to be in certain, that will definitely your safety. There no other way to in safe position than to equip enough awareness and caution attitude. You must not risk your blood into the work, you have to be safe and sound in term of masterpiece making process requirement. Take care for your self and invest in some quality and certification of woodworking is the way you can remember all the basic rules in woodworking. You are precious and wonderful, so do not in the position of the weakness as you do to yourself when doing this job.


Generally speaking, woodworking is hard. But it will be much easier if you follow all the rules have been written by the old guys before. And the tools is the best armor and weapon for you to conqueror the land of woodworking master. You will enter the hall of fame in one day in the future, but before that, purchase the basic and must have tools and start to make you familiar with those things. It is must have, i strongly recommend you that.


It is no surprise in the first time you work as a carver or a carpentry that you encounter the problem in the first place you have done. Not thing is impossible unless you think it is impossible. Just thinking about a lovely day, you went to your workplace and see all the wood logs are being damaged by water. What would you do? So today i will go through some of the most common problems you have to encounter in your woodworking process in term of helping you get the best solution for each. And do not forget to check out the woodworking books for beginners to actually increase your skills and your abilities to deal with the mess you will meet in your working day.

Wet Wood

Here is the deal. If you do not get your wood log dry in the right way, you can throw that into the trash bin immediately. The wet wood is the worst nightmare to every wood worker in the world. Not only it low the quality of the final product, but it also make the woodworking chisels and the circular saw harder to cut in the right direction of the logs. Be sure to protect all your wood resources Thus, the local training base of your must be protected by a secure roof and sustainable wall in order to keep the humidity in the lowest volume. In other words, take the awareness of the dryness of your place to take care of all the material being usable every time you need. Overall, be sure to check out the store place every day and scan through most of the logs.


On the other hand, the fire is one issue need to be considerable. The humidity can damage the wood, but remember that the drier the wood, the easier the fire. Not anyone can control the fire in the first place of them, so follow some basic rule to deal with this problem. First, always keep your work place in a position of no flame source. Second, take the advantages of water every time the fire up. Keep in mind that bad things can always represent in a form you can not predict. Water is your ally, but your phone should also be in touch in the case of danger. 911 will tremendously needed when the worst coming around. Besides, protect your tools in a good condition without oil to keep a distant from the fire in the future. You are supposed to work with wood, not to destroy it brutally in a fire disaster.

The Crack

What would you suppose to do if you accidentally create some crack on the log wood while working hard on it? This can be the most common problem and i assume that it is also the most fluctuate problem, the nightmare you do not want to meet ever in your woodworking life. However, unfortunately that it just can not be avoid because of your lack of experiments. The fact that if you meet this problem a lot of times, you will know how to deal with it and keep a distant with this. By the way, the only way to fix this for many of you may to kill that and start a new one with the brand new wood material. That not the efficiency way to deal with a problem of your skill. Your weakness skills to recognize the main issue and the pressure that may to hard to the wood is the key for this to be happened. You need to cut the crack one piece and deal with the rest of the wood in the cautious way. That how you suppose to be done in this situation to gain the experience.


Overall, your skills and your tools play an important role in the way you work. Keep all of them fresh and up to date, and enhance them eventually day by day. This can be a noticeably hard for you guys, the fresh man in woodworking field. However, the more you practice, the more mistake you can make. And all of them are precious muscle memories following you in the end of your life time. Be appreciate them, and learn form them. Do not fel awkward or anxious, be confidence and the good thing will always come to you in the magical woodworking process.

Why we all should buy a guiding woodworking book?

And even you want to be professional carpentry or not, there are two important issues that you have to make sure before making anything: the best wood chisels toolset and the best woodworking books for beginners to follow. If I were you, I would look for my own review about chisels I have written the month before. But first of all, you are here, by the way, let read about which book will be really helpful for your future stuff.

To be candid with you guys, I am 100%, not a good reader or audience, so it will take more time than usual to finish a true book. I used to see some books with hundreds of papers, and they scared me so bad. I just thought no one needs a book that made from too many woods to teach you about how to work with wood. Never gonna buy them I swear.  But these books that I am going to recommend you will be a few of my exceptions. So don’t be worried guys, if they are good for me, they will be good for you as well. I promise.

Do not ever think that you just have a toolset and materials which then you can do anything without study any technique or any trick. Believe me, I’m the one that never read the guiding but I have to when I discard the third wood piece after broke two super hard chisels in one day. A record for me I guess. In conclusion, I’m just trying to tell you all that every mistake you did (or you will) have to pay the price. So buying woodworking books, or at least one book is very necessary.

Top 5 woodworking books above all

So here are the group of the best woodworking books for everyone even a boy that I have bought. I have to confess that I have not finished all of them but they hooked me right away when I took a look. I can easily find my childhood dreams in those pages, every single toy, every table, everything. As you might expect something more magnificent, just comment and share with me and our fellows. Or if you got a chance to read these books, you would probably tell me, right? Very appreciate that.


This is a long-standing standard and most classic in the woodworking books. It includes information about the safety, how to use the tool, which wood is the best selection, and all of the basic guidelines you need to get started.


Written by the co-host of a famous competition Making It, the one and only Nick Offerman, this part-memoir, the part-DIY guidebook is pretty sure to be a knocking-out to new and seasoned woodworkers alike.


Do mind me if you don’t like this one. Everyone has their own hobby! This book is a terrific choice for Book Riot reader who is starting to gain they’re gifted on the woodworking arts. The collection of projects was collected by the editors of Well-known Woodworking magazine and features a wide range of styles and designers.


A nice book that caught my eyes on using found wood to make projects that are functional and out of the state. A great resource for beginners (and seniors by chance) as the scheme range from classic coasters to more complicated coat hooks.


A Princess’ diary about a woman who made a big career shift from journalism to carpentry. The book covering everything from the coincide joy and heartache of managing to make something by hand to the elder character she meets on the company. Her memoir was full of wisdom and humor for the novice woodworker. A little mushy will not harm I suppose.

As I did mention before, my list isn’t exactly the most diverse. So don’t forget to tell me if you need anything more specific. Thank you guys for your time.

I’ve been awarded the Lemonade Blog Award by the Dinky Mind and Kamran Here is what it looks like :

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Thanks to the Dinky Mind and Kamran for awarding me

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Well I have more than 1000’s honest things to share but rule is rule so here my ten comes :

  1. too much possive about my thing and friends.
  2. short temper. become so wild when I mess about some thing.
  3. try to get stuff which i like at first look even after it was use less for me :D.
  4. short memory lost habit of forget things quickly.
  5. sensitive nature which some times become trouble for me .
  6. crazy about watches and spectacles , that i have 5 watches and 3 spectacles (brand conscious too).
  7. M not into sports , outing and not event have social gathering.
  8. i cant trust any one easily
  9. I am engaged unofficial (Pray needed) , these days m trying to be official engage.
  10. I hate ignorance.

Well i look all the blogs so its unfair to name 7 here . who reads this please join the chain .


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