Understand How Wood Works and Behaves


Woodworking is hard, i know. Before that, there are several steps you need to follow. One of these step is to choose the match material that suit to the work you have to be done. Make a note, find those wood and you good to go? No way, not that easy. Many things are waiting for you to discover in advance. Not only the skill you learn from the best woodworking books, but also the way wood reacts to your pressure in term of making good. So today i will cover them all in this article, and the biggest not is to understand how wood works and behaves to keep your working day in best condition.


Wood is a wild animal to every wood worker. Take Baobab as an example. It feels soft, thin and containing a high level of humid. To be honest, the best way to find out what are the attributes of wood is test it first. I highly recommend you guys to buy the more amount of material than you actual need. Then just test that piece in the condition of real environment as you seriously do. Take the advantages of the texture and structure of the cellulose to figure out the best way to handle your project. Sometimes you need to bear with the real challenge that can take hours of testing and training. Besides, the texture is one of the most important attributes to decide which product can you make from it. The sooner you know it, the faster you finish your project. The structure of how the cellulose actually combined is different on the different part of the tree. Be careful from the material from the top of the tree. The middle of tree may be the best for you to work with in most of the case.


The harder the wood is, the more useful it can be used. I will not consider the wood that really soft at the first time or in a big project of building. Know what yourself need from the wood is really important. For instance, you want to build up a barrier? Take a wood that not to hard, medium is enough in that case. Thus, in many cases, the stiffness of the wood can come from the inside of the tree. You can use woodworking clamps to hold the position of the wood. Then slowly but in a careful way use a circular saw cut deep inside. Finally, take the best wood chisels beside you to pressure the unused part in a way that not damage the part you need.


Water is woods’ enemy. But is also can be your ally in some extent. Remember that some need the higher humidity to maintain the structure of them. Do not dry the wood to long or you will create some cracks inside and can not be cured in a normal way. The humidity understanding is essential for every carpenter. You want to become the master, so you definitely take the advantages of the nature, not from the machine. Figure out all the weak point of the wood log is also one way to improve your skills of scanning and sculpt as well. Make a list of need to remember to deal with theĀ  draconian condition in advance.


Yeah, the thickness is not only define the function of that wood, but also decide the way you can work with it. Although you have all the right to create and invent a new way to deal with your material, there are some rules need to be note down. The first rule is pressuring the thick wood in a way that it can be held. The best way to do that is to use woodworking clamps. The second rule is to deal with thin wood materials, please, just be quick as fast as possible. It can not be held and sculpt in a extreme way as the thick wood. Know the wood as you understand your wife. Spend time and effort, you will get the best result.


Overall, just be a wider to any kind of material. Not thing is impossible in term of creation and invention. Let’s keep all these in your big brain, so you can even work with a bough of tree in advance. Thank you and i will see you soon in another woodworking guides.



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