Finish Your Furniture


Take a rest after a long working process? Training your ability in a day dream? Forget about it. A day long will end up by a fully rest of the fulfillment of love. However, woodworking is never easy as that. What do you do after hours of making a product? Of course you need to finish it. Today, i will talk about the furniture finishing step. It must be hard for everyone who is fresh man in this area, but do not worry because i got your back in this article. Stay tune and we will good to go immediately.


This step is undeniable in advance. Not thing will last forever, but please, by the name of Jesus, check your final products. Look at that in several ways to find out even the little mistake in your working process. Notice that this is extremely important to even the best sculptor in the world. No mistake can be mercy at the final, so take it slowly and carefully check every corner of your wood log. The best level is one of the tool that will help you a lot in this process. Checking the balance of it, finding the crack in term of hole and cutting, or scanning for the smoothly of the surface. Try it and you would never have to regret.


Focus on the detail. Craftsmanship make you stand out the crowded products in the market share. Illustrate your stylist eye, and take it to the next level of imagination. Your customers, your friend, your partners will proud of your honor and hard working to the details. No masterpiece without details of hand. I am not talking about the bullshit image made by a machine or a sticker in the grocery store. I am talking about the beautiful hand made sculpt in the wood. It just so amazing that makes people can not pull their eye off. It will take you for some couple hours bonus, but it will gain the money in your budget and gain your reputation.


Color is the clothes of your products. It will be your best friend if you choose the right color in term of the contrast and the shiny level. Hence, it will also add some protections on your piece of wood. You can not be sure about the weather in the particular area where your supplies is sold. Keep in mind to color it in the right tone, right situation of the places and to the culture as well. Not thing will be wasted in the name of quality. Besides, the color screams for the attention of the people. Human love color. It develops in century and roots into our head. We can not deny the thing that color in the perfection. By the way, use the angle grinder to make sure the corner of the wood rounded. It will earn you some extra money and the respect.


Finally, the marketing is also tremendously necessary. Without marketing, just a little of customer will find out your quality products. Kill the market share by your advertise in the internet. Considering to interview or hire some celebrities to enhance the knowledge of buyers to you. The trading will be smooth by your advertise. When people noticed you, you can even step a further step to the hall of fame and develop your own business. Take the advantages from the social media is popular and the easiest way to deal with this mess. Become a smart seller is a way to respect your own piece of good.


We have walk through the basic of finishing your own products. Now you know what to do. Remember, always keep your awareness of the errors at the first place. No way to get out of these step in woodworking nowadays, or even in the past old time. Old school is always the best way to keep fresh and stay tune in the century of technology. Also notice to the advertise on the internet. It always better than advertise on the crowded street, especially in the woodworking field. Fulfill your head with the spell of caution and you now good to go in advance.


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