Disadvantages of Woodworking


In the name of wood worker, the best thing you can do is to create the best quality in the affordable price. The money and the joy is what you are looking for. But there some boundaries between you and your successful that unnamed. I call that the cons of woodworking, the things that you are suffering everyday, but there nobody else can understand. It can be the budget, or the time and effort you have to spend on just one request of friend. Today i will cover some main issues that all the woodworker ought to suffer. In my opinion, of course.


That log of Tali is so beautiful! I want that material with those grand, that must be over 100 years old! All the expressions as this i had heard from many sculptors, painter and wood worker. There is just one thing prevents you to achieve that. Your limited budget. The funny things is when you start your first project of woodworking, considering the money you have to spend on the material is such a horrible job you need to do. However, there is no free lunch. You got to work hard to get all the money you want. But even the result is the black fog of the night, you have to spend so much money for it right at the very first time. Is that fair to you? I guess 10 on 10 people will definitely say no. But the fact that life work as that. You can not deny that process of work. You just have one job to do, that is make for your own some debts and hope for the best products. And for the god, please give the price in advance to that.


Next to the money is the time along. No work request no time. Especially the hand work require a bunch of time to deal with. The customer want the final products so charming, so beautiful and glorious but they want the money low and also real quick. Faster, faster and faster. That all the customer in the world want. This is so bad. You can not use the best wood chisels in a hurry way. Your chainsaw can not cut in a nice cut with the hurry. Similarly, your brain can not be creative in term of the lack of time. Not only it will damage your perfectly work, it will also kill the mood of you to make the supply done in term of quality and fashion. Although the right of the buyer is to get the best in their budget, that will make no sense in this situation. Sadly, it happens all the time, more than i, you or all the people in the world can tell. It is just so fluctuating.

The Details

Oh my god! They tell me all the time that they want the craftsmanship to be unique. They would love to see the Statue of Liberty at the end of that. They want it all. But no one even care about the hardness you guys spend on all the such thing like that. Besides, just look at the final things you had done, such a masterpiece. 10 to 20 hours for a detail is normal for a sculptor. However, the market share just does not care about it. We want it all, but we need just one things, time. Please, just stay tune, just be patient. Do not hesitate to pay for the details. For all the hard working you spend, you just take only the price at the first deal. It is such a joke with tear in addition. The addiction of craftsmanship quality is insane. No word for that.


In the end of the day, remember you still the one who want to sell your products for money. So just try to be gentle, be patient and lucky will always come to you. There is no free lunch, it such a right thing to say in this kind of situation. You guys are really good and are the best in this field. Try to explain in a gentle way to your customer, spend more effort on the work. You will always get what you are desert at the end of the days. Good luck


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