Is The Old School Woodworking Style Reasonable?


Better be in the past, that what many of the master in this field wish to become the truth. The fact that there are much think cooler in the previous decades that the fresh man always look back and learn from them. And if you are the man who usually go to the museum, you can see so many masterpieces are presented. This bring us to the question, what if we can go through the time, i mean time travel, and experience by ourselves what is the truly art? So today, i will represent to you guys the old time style of woodworking among the last century. Just remember that, the only different is the tools they use is not that modern compared to what we use nowadays. From that point, we will find out how creative our ancient could be.

The Craftsman Ship

Craftsman ship, craftsman ship and craftsman ship (!?) That all people around the world ask for our good should be created by. Surprisingly, the industrial revolution is what these people called for, but now seem like they want to deny the supplies that brings to them. Thus, it is kind of funny, or it is the sense of humor of mankind to participate in the evolution than want to come back the old time. In the 19th century, all of the wood is most made by hand. In other words, they are handmade in that period of time that is undeniable. We got the worker to finish all the parts of the furniture, the house and even the toothpick. It is seemed to be viral all the work force that we need a revolution of industry to speed up the time of the total process. However, we really intend to consume the handmade products that made by hand from all the part of the process of making to the decoration. This is quite confuse to the producer but reasonable to the consumer. Handmade can not be replaced in the world of woodworking despite of the time changing.

The Guideline Books

It is necessary to get for yourself the best woodworking books for beginners. It is the powerful tools for all of you to engage with woodworking without failure at the first step. Whereas, the master is one of the most important person to the fresh man in the old time. They are the master in this field, and they have limitation of patience that you would like to pay attention to. This mechanism still last until these modern day, but their role and position of them is not the biggest in the society of woodworking. The tools and the books of guideline have taken that throne in our century. With just your bare hand, a book of teaching the skill, and some cheap material you can find for the prototype of your, you can easily produce a product that you would be proud, that you can take that as the first step of your career. Book, is is tremendously useful and perfectly helpful to both the newbie and oldie.


So funny that all the machine made products in the first timwith perfectly cut is the trend of this time. In contrast, just need a few more time that they realize the round shape is better and rarer than the blocked shape of lines and sharp corners. It is weird to confess that all we love turned out to be there for a long time and we just install the revolution for the thing we do not like at all. In addition, there are millions of handmade stores, handmade factories all around the world with the trending part on top of this industry.


For the end of this, i really want you to know that all the sudden changes are not good at all. Every change need time to take place in a high position in our society, including woodworking tech. The old school method and mechanics are two elements you also need to be considered in term of quality and the price of the products. There no free lunch, so keep practicing and ready for the next evolution of the woodworking style.


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