How about Bamboo?


The world now has millions of wood worker as a part of this billion industry. Meanwhile, there are so many cases of burning, damaging and even poisoning the soil, the water and land just for one purpose. The resources of wood, the precious stuff to all you guys, who really get engage in the woodworking field. Money is all for those people who just tend to trade all the goods into there budget. However, there a material that is significant good with the lower price and the ability to be soft in the right time. So today i will cover the Bamboo resources in term of woodworking to see if it really worth for us to chose.

The Price

Always taking care for the price tag. To be honest, i think the price is what many fresh man encounter as soon as they start to make an idea come true. Of course, if you can afford the cost of a log of Tali, you will be good to go. In contrast, in certain extent, there are several of problem that will make your brain explode. Let me explain. The first thing is you have to own the best tools for the expensive feature of wood you have just bought. They may be a Japanese wood chisels, the utility knife or just some hack saw in term of high-end in the quality. All this stuff will definitely taken from you a bunch of money. On the other hand, bamboo is cheaper, and it is always be like that. Moreover, bamboo is easy to carry, so the shipping price will not break the bank of you.

The Unity

For most of you guys, the unity of bamboo just more than amazing. It is weak when you use one, but no one of you stupid enough to do that, don’t you? Of course not, and the majority benefits of the group of bamboo is that they are interchangeable which means you can have both flexibility and the hardness. Is that wonderful? Besides, the effects of this material is more than supreme to another kind of wood material. Imagine that you have a house made in a material that can not be defeated by the strong wind, storm or even the bullshit acid rain.

The Trend

One thing is ensure that you will love this material is that it is now trending all over the world, especially in Asia. The best design of the house 3 years around is made from bamboo in the majority. Not only it is strong and flex, but also the complex in the cells of bamboo make it comfortable than ever. You will feel the air in the circle of balance in the house of bamboo, you can also take a nap of water by bamboo cup. Not thing is perfect, but this term is in the doubt by the usefulness of the bamboo.

Easy to Find

There is no material in the world can be this easily in finding. Honestly, the bamboo is everywhere. It is the symbol of powerful in the plant world. Thus, it grow as a brush of tree, so you can find even a forest of bamboo in many places in the world. I suggest that Japan and Vietnam also a good place to find out the best bamboo trees in the world.

Bamboo Made Simple

Finally, the bamboo is easy to deal with. Cut, no problem. Drill it to make a bunch of hole? Easy to solve. Sculpt? Are you kidding me, it is just more than good to go. Bamboo kills the weakness in your skills, tolerate your bad attitude by the flexibility, and be patient in term of storage treatment. You can store it for months, weeks, or even years without the fear of broken wood. They can even grow up themselves in the suitable conditions. Not thing to be serious when working with bamboo. You will find it relax and joyful, trust me.


I have covered all the advantages of working with bamboo. I believe, in certain extent, that bamboo is the best alternative for the rareness of the wood materials nowadays. Take it and experience for yourself, and you will good as you always.


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