Which are the best woodworking books for the carpentry?

Why we all should buy a guiding woodworking book?

And even you want to be professional carpentry or not, there are two important issues that you have to make sure before making anything: the best wood chisels toolset and the best woodworking books for beginners to follow. If I were you, I would look for my own review about chisels I have written the month before. But first of all, you are here, by the way, let read about which book will be really helpful for your future stuff.

To be candid with you guys, I am 100%, not a good reader or audience, so it will take more time than usual to finish a true book. I used to see some books with hundreds of papers, and they scared me so bad. I just thought no one needs a book that made from too many woods to teach you about how to work with wood. Never gonna buy them I swear.  But these books that I am going to recommend you will be a few of my exceptions. So don’t be worried guys, if they are good for me, they will be good for you as well. I promise.

Do not ever think that you just have a toolset and materials which then you can do anything without study any technique or any trick. Believe me, I’m the one that never read the guiding but I have to when I discard the third wood piece after broke two super hard chisels in one day. A record for me I guess. In conclusion, I’m just trying to tell you all that every mistake you did (or you will) have to pay the price. So buying woodworking books, or at least one book is very necessary.

Top 5 woodworking books above all

So here are the group of the best woodworking books for everyone even a boy that I have bought. I have to confess that I have not finished all of them but they hooked me right away when I took a look. I can easily find my childhood dreams in those pages, every single toy, every table, everything. As you might expect something more magnificent, just comment and share with me and our fellows. Or if you got a chance to read these books, you would probably tell me, right? Very appreciate that.


This is a long-standing standard and most classic in the woodworking books. It includes information about the safety, how to use the tool, which wood is the best selection, and all of the basic guidelines you need to get started.


Written by the co-host of a famous competition Making It, the one and only Nick Offerman, this part-memoir, the part-DIY guidebook is pretty sure to be a knocking-out to new and seasoned woodworkers alike.


Do mind me if you don’t like this one. Everyone has their own hobby! This book is a terrific choice for Book Riot reader who is starting to gain they’re gifted on the woodworking arts. The collection of projects was collected by the editors of Well-known Woodworking magazine and features a wide range of styles and designers.


A nice book that caught my eyes on using found wood to make projects that are functional and out of the state. A great resource for beginners (and seniors by chance) as the scheme range from classic coasters to more complicated coat hooks.


A Princess’ diary about a woman who made a big career shift from journalism to carpentry. The book covering everything from the coincide joy and heartache of managing to make something by hand to the elder character she meets on the company. Her memoir was full of wisdom and humor for the novice woodworker. A little mushy will not harm I suppose.

As I did mention before, my list isn’t exactly the most diverse. So don’t forget to tell me if you need anything more specific. Thank you guys for your time.

Truc Quynh

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