Fantastic Four – (2+2 = 4 !!)

I got tagged by Sadia ,  so here we go again!!!!

4 Places I Go to Over and Over Again

  1. Office
  2. Room
  3. Galaxy Computers [as m love new PC accessories ]
  4. Roll Corner

4 People Who Mail Me Regularly

  1. PHP classes [news latter and new library]
  2. Microsoft Download notification
  3. Facebook
  4. Total learning [*m sick of it now and cant even block it*]

4 of My Favourite Places to Eat (Apart from Home)

  1. Roll Corner [just because its near my home]
  2. Karachi foods [near my office]
  3. BBQ-Tonight [love it,sp. when I am with my family]
  4. Hot n Spicy ’s chatni [i love chatni that i bought that for home and i took with rooti]

4 Favourite TV Shows

  1. Ben 10
  2. Prison Brake
  3. the Ghost [Pak Drama]
  4. Hanna Montana

4 People I would like to tag


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