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The phone case is a familiar product in our lives. It not only helps protect your phone from external factors but also makes the phone more impressive. Moreover, it also adds value to your phone in the eyes of those around you.

In the market, the phone case is designed with a variety of sizes, colors, materials, and prices to suit the needs of customers. In this article, I will discuss in detail the types of animal-shaped cases for those who love cute, funny things that can be considered and selected.

One Piece phone case

Do you know comics called One Piece? I am sure most of you have read this book at a young age. Even if you grow up, you still love this comic very much. Right? One Piece is one of the legendary Manga composed by author Eiichiro Oda. The story from the publication was loved by young people by the content and images in the story.

Because of that, there are a lot of products designed in the characters of this book like notebooks, pen boxes, etc. even the designers’ phone cases are inspired by them. to create an extremely vivid and cute case. Besides being outstanding in color, the cases are also produced from many different materials from plastic, hard plastic, metal, … with different prices for you to consider and choose.

If you like this comic, try buying one now. I am sure it will help you stand out and attract more.

Totoro phone case

Every one of us probably knows about Totoro, a very close neighbor of otaku, so if your phone is protected by these magic beasts, it would be great.

Characters are shaped with striking gray, but to create more choices as well as more new than the phones that this character has added many different colors such as: black, pink, blue and brown… Therefore, you can freely choose a Totoro phone case in the design and colors that you love. And This is also one of the differences between every phone owner.

Sailor Moon phone case

The Sailor Moon manga series (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon) by Takeuchi Naoko has become a legend in the childhood of many young people. With the plot means to fight hard against evil and bring about a peaceful life. Many young girls wish to be transformed into this character to regain justice for many people. Pictures of beautiful female warriors, with many supernatural powers. Always looking forward to good things, because the noble mission did not hesitate to fight.

That’s why many girls are crazy about this image, they collect all items related to Sailor Moon, from clothes, hats, pictures, … Understand the desire to return to many girls’ childhood to remember the legendary Sailor Moon series. Manufacturers have quickly produced the cases of Sailor Moon with vividly depicted images that can help you recall your childhood memories. If you’re the girl who loves this character, buy it now.

Pokemon phone case

I want to introduce to you one more phone case that many young people like that is Pokemon. This is also one of the famous Japanese comics. Lovely Pokemon have different strengths that are extremely popular with boys and girls all over the world

Therefore, Pokemon shaped shell quickly came into being This case is designed and constantly improved from the more lively shapes, materials, colors that have attracted thousands of customers, especially teenagers who bought them.

Naruto phone case

Leaf village ninja warriors will appear on your phone. Do you believe it? Right. It is the truth.  The leafy village masters with great moves, still hot on comic pages have become one of the accessories to protect your phone.

Naruto cases are designed to be very lively, multicolor and perfect to every detail when the market launch has received a warm welcome from customers, especially male customers. If you love this character, why not buy it right away?

In conclusion

I have introduced you to some of the famous anime phone cases.. If you love the cartoon characters who are associated with your childhood. Please quickly choose for yourself a character you love to give to your phone. I hope that the above knowledge is useful to you!


It is widely known as wood comes from tree. The basic knowledge of human can prove that simple phrase. However, what may not be so apparent is the structure of the wood itself, and the individual components that make up any given piece of lumber. Unlike a mostly homogeneous piece of foam board, MDF, or other man-made material, wood is an organic material, and has many distinct characteristics which will be helpful to learn. So today i will cover the term of wood in general.


The first needed thing to define the wood in advanced is to categorize them. As an immediate and broad distinction that can be made between types of trees (and wood) is the label of hardwood or softwood. This is somewhat of a misnomer, as the label is actually just a separation between angiosperms (flowering plants such as maple, oak, or rosewood), and conifers (cone-bearing trees such as pine, spruce, or fir).


Hardwoods (angiosperms) have broad-leaved foliage, and tend to be deciduous—that is, they lose their leaves in the autumn. (However, many tropical hardwood species exist which are evergreen—they maintain their leaves year-round.) Additionally, hardwood trees tend to have a branched or divided trunk, referred to as a dendrite form. Hardwood can be used as the usefulness material in the world of woodworking. Just image that how the house or the barrier can survive without the stiffness of the elements it made from. The furniture also get the benefits from the hardwood, and some can long for hundreds to thousands year without a single spot of crack. Therefore, the controversial in use of hardwood is ranked on a high standard. Tali furniture can be replaced by the Oak wood furniture in term of quality and the stiffness. The recommended tools for this type of wood definitely are the best hammer, the best block plane and circular saw too.


Softwoods (conifers) tend to have a needle or scale-like foliage, though in some uncommon instances, they can have rather broad, flat leaves, such as Kauri (Agathis australis). Most softwood trees are evergreen, however, some conifers such as larch or cypress lose their foliage in the autumn, (hence the common name “bald-cypress”). Softwoods tend to have a single, dominant, straight trunk with smaller side branches, referred to as a form—this cone-shaped growth form helps trees in temperate climates shed snow. Again, there are several conifers that are an exception to this growth form, such as Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani). Softwood can also be used in the flexibility job as the alternative of the hardwood difficulties projects. Kind of structure with complexity in furniture or tools made by wood has perfectly described the use of softwood in woodworking project. I highly recommend you guys to use the best moisture meter and the best level when working with this kind of wood in particular.


The confusion in labels arises in that the wood of angiosperms is not always hard (a glaring example is Balsa, which is technically classified as a hardwood), while the wood of conifers is not necessarily always soft, (an example of a relatively hard softwood would be Yew). However, as a rule of thumb, hardwoods are of course generally harder than softwoods, and the label is still useful to distinguish between two broad groups of trees and certain characteristics of their wood. As a result, it is quite confusing to get the term of hardwood and softwood. For these reasons, i list this kind of wood in a single category, stand out from the crowd to keep the balance and enhance the rating of each kind of wood in general. With this, the recommendation is certainly the best wood chisels to enhance the sculpt effects on the surface of this kind of wood. It is just perfect kind of wood for the sculptors to work with.


In the end, i just want to say that the wood world is magnificent and there are many ways of categorize the wood. It can be based on the way it grows, the height it has or even the depth of it from the ground to the sea surface. Overall, wood is one of the most important elements in the world, so be pleasured every time working with wood, please.


Poplar is kind of common in the world of woodworking with several of uses in particular. Generally speaking, poplar is easy to buy and useful in many way as it was in the 20 century. For those reasons, i want to write this project to provide the more detail look on the Poplar in use.

Where To Find?

Firstly, Poplar is way easy to find as i said before. You can easily go out and visit some furniture store or grocery store for the Poplar with no effort. It is also very easy to grow by yourself and play as a farmer in term of tree growing because this kind of tree is pleasure in planting.

Types of Poplar

In general, Poplar is kind of hardwood. However, it sounds like a comedy show because it is even softer than pine, the common soft wood in the list. In many cases, the kind of Poplar wood sold in the furniture store and vendors outside the jungle is actually the wood from tulip tree. It is a creamy white-colored wood with brown, or maybe some gray sections, even some streaks through the grain. Garden variety poplar wood is also sometimes referred to as yellow poplar or white wood. However, you may also find stocks of poplar that include European black poplar, cottonwood, or even some types of aspen.


The things you always need to consider is the cost of the wood. Although the Poplar is quite viral in general speaking, the price tag on it can be uncomfortable in some cases. Besides, the number of the material may affect your thinking on how much do you really need. Some calculations must be started by you to make sure the deal is not out of your need and also your budget as well. The cost may also reduce the mobility of you when you need to cut down the transportation fee to maximize the profit. In addition, yellow poplar typically costs $3.20 to $4.85 per board foot (stock less than 10 inches wide). Price variations will depend on the thickness of the boards. Moreover, among the most economical and inexpensive of all domestic hardwoods. Poplar should be affordably priced, especially in the Eastern United States where it naturally grows.

Working in Real Time

Take a bite of the apple of strength before you start. Remember that Poplar typically has a straight, uniform grain, with a medium texture. Low natural luster. So the one basic thing you can base on is the straight of the Poplar. It is easy for the chainsaw or circular saw to cut a line through the log of Poplar. In a nutshell, Poplar is very easy to work in almost all regards. However, one of Poplar’s only downsides is its softness, and it is also exceptionable in woodworking. Due to its low density, Poplar can sometimes leave fuzzy surfaces and edges: especially during shaping or sanding. Thus, sanding to finer grits of sandpaper may be necessary to obtain a smooth surface in certain extent.


In some extents, severe reactions are quite uncommon and also unofficial accepted in viral range. For more details, Poplar has been reported as an irritant; usually most common reactions simply include eye, skin, and respiratory irritation, as well as asthma-like symptoms. It can raise the debate on the legal of Poplar in woodworking environment for safety and heath of the carpenters. Although i myself have not witnessed any of the cases that toxic-ed by Poplar, i highly recommend the protect suit in woodworking in case the bad situation happened.


Poplar is one of the most common utility hardwoods in the United States. Though the wood is commonly referred to simply as “Poplar,” it is technically not in the Populus genus itself, (the genus also includes many species of Cottonwood and Aspen), but is instead in the Liriodendron genus, which is Latin for “lily tree.” The flowers of this tree look similar to tulips, hence the common alternate name: Tulip Poplar, in general.


I have walked through the world of Poplar in woodworking and some interesting fact of this kind of tree. For the end, i just want to say that thank you and good luck to you when working with Poplar in advanced.


Real quick question. Should you use the hardwood in woodworking? Varieties of hardwood lumber are the needed resources for the carpenter, particularly the one who concentrate on fine woodworking projects such as furniture and house. However, this term can be a little bit fluctuate, and it always hard to deal with the hardwood in the day of harvest. In an advance look, hardwood just uncontrollable in many ways, not as the way softwood can do. Thus, the extra money for it is one thing need to consider very careful. And the rare rate of it is not an issue we will forget. So today i will cover the hardwood in term of quality and choosing.

Hardwood in Choosing Process

When you start to prepare for your very own project, the stiffness of the wood can be a daunting question. In an easy and quick look, just begin with determining how you really want to get the project finished by this way. Will you stain or reject it? If you really want to maintain that idea, keep a way of looking in a fairly stable idea. Take a seat and start think about the idea of making a good stuff from all the material that you purchased. It is quite hard to deal with, but it definitely not impossible. Try some best woodworking books in the market or store of book and you will find out the way out of this mess.


Year. money is everything you need in this step. Trying a hardwood material. What can you do? You can not plant it and wait for it to grow up for 30-40 years. That idea just seems to be ridiculous. You need the money to purchase that. On the one hand, your products will get the higher price tag in the market share. On the other hand, several of money will be spent for the material in the first time you get that creative idea. Problems will always come at some moments in woodworking. We can not wait for it to come.


Coloring to get the better decoration outfit for your wood log is one of the best idea you can come up with. However, the rule of panting can be pain in some ways. Just say that you probably the sculptor, not an advance painter. You just can not color the wood log by yourself without any mistaken. As a result, the fee for the painter will cost you a bunch of money from your limited budget. Even after that, the final result is not 100% certain satisfies you. Approve the color range of your hardwood is one way to get out of this situation. Fortunately, the nature color of hardwood is quite beautiful compared to the soft one. So you probably do not need to paint the color skin for it. Just use some kind of protection skin of blur paint is enough for you good to go.


Cutting and digging to the hardwood is also the major problem in your project. Keep in mind that the higher of the stiffness wood you own, the harder it takes to be shaped and cut. How to tear them down into pieces in advance? Use the best block plane to kill it in an extremely easy way. You will probably want to use the best wood chisels following your steps of sculpting the wood for the best decoration and palatalization. Take the advantages of your experiments and skills to handle the problems causing from the woodworking process. You can use them also in the marketing process and Internet ads in the same way of the biggest company in the world.


The best guideline for you in the road of becoming the skillful carpenter is to practice a lot of time. The same thing happens to the hardwood solving process. Keep calm and maintain your patience are the attitude you need to ac-complete the way it was. There is no free lunch, you have to work by yourself and pay for the material price tag. You can also learn how to color and paint a protection layer by yourself to reduce the fee you have to pay. Good luck and see you in another time.


Woodworking is hard, i know. Before that, there are several steps you need to follow. One of these step is to choose the match material that suit to the work you have to be done. Make a note, find those wood and you good to go? No way, not that easy. Many things are waiting for you to discover in advance. Not only the skill you learn from the best woodworking books, but also the way wood reacts to your pressure in term of making good. So today i will cover them all in this article, and the biggest not is to understand how wood works and behaves to keep your working day in best condition.


Wood is a wild animal to every wood worker. Take Baobab as an example. It feels soft, thin and containing a high level of humid. To be honest, the best way to find out what are the attributes of wood is test it first. I highly recommend you guys to buy the more amount of material than you actual need. Then just test that piece in the condition of real environment as you seriously do. Take the advantages of the texture and structure of the cellulose to figure out the best way to handle your project. Sometimes you need to bear with the real challenge that can take hours of testing and training. Besides, the texture is one of the most important attributes to decide which product can you make from it. The sooner you know it, the faster you finish your project. The structure of how the cellulose actually combined is different on the different part of the tree. Be careful from the material from the top of the tree. The middle of tree may be the best for you to work with in most of the case.


The harder the wood is, the more useful it can be used. I will not consider the wood that really soft at the first time or in a big project of building. Know what yourself need from the wood is really important. For instance, you want to build up a barrier? Take a wood that not to hard, medium is enough in that case. Thus, in many cases, the stiffness of the wood can come from the inside of the tree. You can use woodworking clamps to hold the position of the wood. Then slowly but in a careful way use a circular saw cut deep inside. Finally, take the best wood chisels beside you to pressure the unused part in a way that not damage the part you need.


Water is woods’ enemy. But is also can be your ally in some extent. Remember that some need the higher humidity to maintain the structure of them. Do not dry the wood to long or you will create some cracks inside and can not be cured in a normal way. The humidity understanding is essential for every carpenter. You want to become the master, so you definitely take the advantages of the nature, not from the machine. Figure out all the weak point of the wood log is also one way to improve your skills of scanning and sculpt as well. Make a list of need to remember to deal with the  draconian condition in advance.


Yeah, the thickness is not only define the function of that wood, but also decide the way you can work with it. Although you have all the right to create and invent a new way to deal with your material, there are some rules need to be note down. The first rule is pressuring the thick wood in a way that it can be held. The best way to do that is to use woodworking clamps. The second rule is to deal with thin wood materials, please, just be quick as fast as possible. It can not be held and sculpt in a extreme way as the thick wood. Know the wood as you understand your wife. Spend time and effort, you will get the best result.


Overall, just be a wider to any kind of material. Not thing is impossible in term of creation and invention. Let’s keep all these in your big brain, so you can even work with a bough of tree in advance. Thank you and i will see you soon in another woodworking guides.



Take a rest after a long working process? Training your ability in a day dream? Forget about it. A day long will end up by a fully rest of the fulfillment of love. However, woodworking is never easy as that. What do you do after hours of making a product? Of course you need to finish it. Today, i will talk about the furniture finishing step. It must be hard for everyone who is fresh man in this area, but do not worry because i got your back in this article. Stay tune and we will good to go immediately.


This step is undeniable in advance. Not thing will last forever, but please, by the name of Jesus, check your final products. Look at that in several ways to find out even the little mistake in your working process. Notice that this is extremely important to even the best sculptor in the world. No mistake can be mercy at the final, so take it slowly and carefully check every corner of your wood log. The best level is one of the tool that will help you a lot in this process. Checking the balance of it, finding the crack in term of hole and cutting, or scanning for the smoothly of the surface. Try it and you would never have to regret.


Focus on the detail. Craftsmanship make you stand out the crowded products in the market share. Illustrate your stylist eye, and take it to the next level of imagination. Your customers, your friend, your partners will proud of your honor and hard working to the details. No masterpiece without details of hand. I am not talking about the bullshit image made by a machine or a sticker in the grocery store. I am talking about the beautiful hand made sculpt in the wood. It just so amazing that makes people can not pull their eye off. It will take you for some couple hours bonus, but it will gain the money in your budget and gain your reputation.


Color is the clothes of your products. It will be your best friend if you choose the right color in term of the contrast and the shiny level. Hence, it will also add some protections on your piece of wood. You can not be sure about the weather in the particular area where your supplies is sold. Keep in mind to color it in the right tone, right situation of the places and to the culture as well. Not thing will be wasted in the name of quality. Besides, the color screams for the attention of the people. Human love color. It develops in century and roots into our head. We can not deny the thing that color in the perfection. By the way, use the best angle grinder to make sure the corner of the wood rounded. It will earn you some extra money and the respect.


Finally, the marketing is also tremendously necessary. Without marketing, just a little of customer will find out your quality products. Kill the market share by your advertise in the internet. Considering to interview or hire some celebrities to enhance the knowledge of buyers to you. The trading will be smooth by your advertise. When people noticed you, you can even step a further step to the hall of fame and develop your own business. Take the advantages from the social media is popular and the easiest way to deal with this mess. Become a smart seller is a way to respect your own piece of good.


We have walk through the basic of finishing your own products. Now you know what to do. Remember, always keep your awareness of the errors at the first place. No way to get out of these step in woodworking nowadays, or even in the past old time. Old school is always the best way to keep fresh and stay tune in the century of technology. Also notice to the advertise on the internet. It always better than advertise on the crowded street, especially in the woodworking field. Fulfill your head with the spell of caution and you now good to go in advance.


In the name of wood worker, the best thing you can do is to create the best quality in the affordable price. The money and the joy is what you are looking for. But there some boundaries between you and your successful that unnamed. I call that the cons of woodworking, the things that you are suffering everyday, but there nobody else can understand. It can be the budget, or the time and effort you have to spend on just one request of friend. Today i will cover some main issues that all the woodworker ought to suffer. In my opinion, of course.


That log of Tali is so beautiful! I want that material with those grand, that must be over 100 years old! All the expressions as this i had heard from many sculptors, painter and wood worker. There is just one thing prevents you to achieve that. Your limited budget. The funny things is when you start your first project of woodworking, considering the money you have to spend on the material is such a horrible job you need to do. However, there is no free lunch. You got to work hard to get all the money you want. But even the result is the black fog of the night, you have to spend so much money for it right at the very first time. Is that fair to you? I guess 10 on 10 people will definitely say no. But the fact that life work as that. You can not deny that process of work. You just have one job to do, that is make for your own some debts and hope for the best products. And for the god, please give the price in advance to that.


Next to the money is the time along. No work request no time. Especially the hand work require a bunch of time to deal with. The customer want the final products so charming, so beautiful and glorious but they want the money low and also real quick. Faster, faster and faster. That all the customer in the world want. This is so bad. You can not use the best wood chisels in a hurry way. Your chainsaw can not cut in a nice cut with the hurry. Similarly, your brain can not be creative in term of the lack of time. Not only it will damage your perfectly work, it will also kill the mood of you to make the supply done in term of quality and fashion. Although the right of the buyer is to get the best in their budget, that will make no sense in this situation. Sadly, it happens all the time, more than i, you or all the people in the world can tell. It is just so fluctuating.

The Details

Oh my god! They tell me all the time that they want the craftsmanship to be unique. They would love to see the Statue of Liberty at the end of that. They want it all. But no one even care about the hardness you guys spend on all the such thing like that. Besides, just look at the final things you had done, such a masterpiece. 10 to 20 hours for a detail is normal for a sculptor. However, the market share just does not care about it. We want it all, but we need just one things, time. Please, just stay tune, just be patient. Do not hesitate to pay for the details. For all the hard working you spend, you just take only the price at the first deal. It is such a joke with tear in addition. The addiction of craftsmanship quality is insane. No word for that.


In the end of the day, remember you still the one who want to sell your products for money. So just try to be gentle, be patient and lucky will always come to you. There is no free lunch, it such a right thing to say in this kind of situation. You guys are really good and are the best in this field. Try to explain in a gentle way to your customer, spend more effort on the work. You will always get what you are desert at the end of the days. Good luck


Many of you would love this job. Some enjoy it as a hobby in their free time. The others consider it as a serious job with the money to feed their own family in term of sufficient. Whereas, the outsiders sometimes just do not understand why you guys start and maintain this “boring” and “hardship” as the main career. So today i will walk through the pros of this job to illustrate to the people who do not participate in advance to this. Now, let us dig into the main point of this article.


Firstly, we can not bypass the change to practice. No job is require more practicing than woodworking in general. Honestly, i can not deny that the time to learn the basic by the best woodworking books. That time can be a nightmare to every fresh man at first. However, after you master the skills that mentioned in the book, there no way to turn back the sweet time when you just need to learn with the widen dream. Hence, do the job at almost every time you are free in the day is fun and charming to your brain and your memory of muscle. Moreover, the style of work and the skills you need hardly does not change over time from the first day it was invented. Not only easy to access, it is also not a problem to combine together in term of creation and replication.


Second, there is a lot of chances for you to keep in touch your partner. You will always have the topic to ask and answer to your friend, your lover and your wife. There no room for boredom in your work places and your life will change 180 degree. Take place in the hall of fun, take part in the party of work. Hence, although you will catch up with some bad guy with toxic attitude, you can always ignore them as the food in the garbage. Better keep calm when the difficulty comes to you cause you usually have many support from the community of woodworking. The masters will come to you as long as you own enough patience and effort. Besides, you can build up friendships through out the hardworking day or at the meeting with the topic of wood log, preserving wood and so on.

Time Available

Tired? Suffering from stress with imperfection? Lack of sleep? Forget about all of these issues. In wood working, you have the right to creative. For example, a Dewalt drill guide is sharpening and useful to you in every field of hand working including this. Similarly, the range of tools you can access will make you never in the shade of boredom. Therefore, the piece of art you made will drive you crazy in happiness every time you finish. This feeling is amazing and strongly stick into your brain, create such an enjoyment to continue for good stuff. The loneliness will avoid you for thousand of kilo meters. Hence, you are free to get your day off to get some travelling and restaurant meals with your charming lover and kid. You can also work in the limited time in the days. Wake up at 10 is nothing to you. The whole day long of fun is stand by and stay tune, waiting for you to come and get it.


In a nutshell, money is undeniable to everybody. Human use money to trade, to pay for their hobbies and even debts. Good stuffs produce money. Income of this will drive you to the rooftop of the Shanghai building. Neither hardness nor pain will bother your way to enjoy the successful life of your own as long as you maintain your job in advance. The more products you made suited to the market share, the more dollars you will get to fill up your budget. Moreover, the money come to your hand of master not only precious but also worth to try once in every person life.


In a nutshell, woodworking is a perfect job for those who do not want to apply and enter in the boring companies or cooperate with some idiot business man in suit with such a low sense of humor. Time is all your, money is all your in term of quality life and happiness. What are you expect more from a job?


Troubling with the color of the paint in the wood? Or you stuck with the step of cleaning that in advance? Do not need to be worried. I will show you how to basic. In other words, i will demonstrate the way to walk through the difficulty of wood bleaching. Notice that you have only one job to do first, that is your wood log must be in good condition. Keep in mind that if that is damaged or broken or even a crack, you have to deal with them first. No we shall start.

Shields Down

Real quick question, do you want to paint the wood with the cortex? I can make sure one hundred percent of you would say that idea is crazy. I personally think that could be possible, why you need to make the work be so complicated like that. The fact that wood is too easy to get the tan of it down is well-known. However, to do it in advance, in an easy way is hard. You can not just use a wood chisels to break the shield of it down. In term of good looking, that way can do harm to the wood. In my opinion, just use your hand with a glove to tear down all the stuff that stick in the wood log. Then you can use some kind of hand saw to slowly take all the layer down in peach.


It is always a step need to be done at this point. Never in your life you will get out of this process. Cleaning your house is essential. Cleaning your bed is necessary. Similarly, you got one job to do, and it is not do or do not. If you do not clean the wood, it will extremely struggle to deal with. Woodworking requires a smooth surface, a clean material to ease the tools and bring back the flawless result. I will show you how to do it. Real simple. Take a tower and slowly, carefully wipe out all the dust and stuff that do not belong to the wood log. Remember, that tower should be dry, or just a little of humid. Then, check all the part of it, pay attention to some weakness point of the log and consider to remove them by something like chainsaw. One thing is forbidden, no water here.


As a result, you want your piece of wood at the final has a beautiful color? You must be joking if you do not want to paint it. Not only it will shining in front of the crowd, but also the paint will cover and protect it from the outside harm. Besides, not so hard to do this step when you do it correctly, i mean correct here is follow all the tutorial i have mentioned above. Firstly, choose a color that you would love to apply on the material. Meanwhile, test the color by one small piece of the same material to test which one is match with your tone of color choosing. Make sure that you apply the two to three layer of paint to get the best quality.


Sometimes, solid is not good enough. Free your mind and be creative. Thus, you can apply all kind of decoration with the best wood chisels or just by another contrast paint color. By the way, sticker is an option that not bad at all, but it need the consideration in some cases. Hence, the things you want to apply on it must suit to the wood grain in general. If they are not suit to the grain of wood, your product will be hideous and ridiculous.


This is the end of this tutorial with wood in advance. You guys have to notice on the quality of the paint color. And also the quality of wood, is it had any certification? Besides, consider the grain and the structure is very important and it is the must do step. Not only it will help you to get the higher price on your product, but also the potential of the wood log will be reveal. So keep cool, stay tune for more tutorial and please let me know your opinions down in the comment.


The world now has millions of wood worker as a part of this billion industry. Meanwhile, there are so many cases of burning, damaging and even poisoning the soil, the water and land just for one purpose. The resources of wood, the precious stuff to all you guys, who really get engage in the woodworking field. Money is all for those people who just tend to trade all the goods into there budget. However, there a material that is significant good with the lower price and the ability to be soft in the right time. So today i will cover the Bamboo resources in term of woodworking to see if it really worth for us to chose.

The Price

Always taking care for the price tag. To be honest, i think the price is what many fresh man encounter as soon as they start to make an idea come true. Of course, if you can afford the cost of a log of Tali, you will be good to go. In contrast, in certain extent, there are several of problem that will make your brain explode. Let me explain. The first thing is you have to own the best tools for the expensive feature of wood you have just bought. They may be a Japanese wood chisels, the best utility knife or just some hack saw in term of high-end in the quality. All this stuff will definitely taken from you a bunch of money. On the other hand, bamboo is cheaper, and it is always be like that. Moreover, bamboo is easy to carry, so the shipping price will not break the bank of you.

The Unity

For most of you guys, the unity of bamboo just more than amazing. It is weak when you use one, but no one of you stupid enough to do that, don’t you? Of course not, and the majority benefits of the group of bamboo is that they are interchangeable which means you can have both flexibility and the hardness. Is that wonderful? Besides, the effects of this material is more than supreme to another kind of wood material. Imagine that you have a house made in a material that can not be defeated by the strong wind, storm or even the bullshit acid rain.

The Trend

One thing is ensure that you will love this material is that it is now trending all over the world, especially in Asia. The best design of the house 3 years around is made from bamboo in the majority. Not only it is strong and flex, but also the complex in the cells of bamboo make it comfortable than ever. You will feel the air in the circle of balance in the house of bamboo, you can also take a nap of water by bamboo cup. Not thing is perfect, but this term is in the doubt by the usefulness of the bamboo.

Easy to Find

There is no material in the world can be this easily in finding. Honestly, the bamboo is everywhere. It is the symbol of powerful in the plant world. Thus, it grow as a brush of tree, so you can find even a forest of bamboo in many places in the world. I suggest that Japan and Vietnam also a good place to find out the best bamboo trees in the world.

Bamboo Made Simple

Finally, the bamboo is easy to deal with. Cut, no problem. Drill it to make a bunch of hole? Easy to solve. Sculpt? Are you kidding me, it is just more than good to go. Bamboo kills the weakness in your skills, tolerate your bad attitude by the flexibility, and be patient in term of storage treatment. You can store it for months, weeks, or even years without the fear of broken wood. They can even grow up themselves in the suitable conditions. Not thing to be serious when working with bamboo. You will find it relax and joyful, trust me.


I have covered all the advantages of working with bamboo. I believe, in certain extent, that bamboo is the best alternative for the rareness of the wood materials nowadays. Take it and experience for yourself, and you will good as you always.